Rare and Collectable Vinyl Records - Live From Earlestown

Rare and Collectable Vinyl Records - Live From Earlestown

Date: Tue, 25th May 2021 10:00

Vinyl Grading:

We endeavour to make our descriptions as detailed and accurate as possible however we always recommend viewing or requesting condition reports in order to provide additional assurance regarding condition prior to bidding.  

When cataloging vinyl we use the Record Collector grading system to visually grade the records and sleeves.  We do not play any of the records (unless stated) and therefore cannot attest to how they will grade upon playing.  Buyers should therefore factor this in when deciding how much they are willing to pay for records when bidding.

When selling larger lots of records (20+) we will only visually grade a sample of the records and will grade the records on the basis of this sample.  It is therefore possible that some records may fall above or below the general grading given.  For example, if a collection is graded as generally being in "VG+ to Ex+ condition" then we cannot guarantee that there will not be some which fall outside the classification.

Gradings are given as a guide and whilst we try to be conservative in our assessment, gradings, by their nature, are subjective. We can therefore not accept returns as a result of a difference in grading opinion.

Vinyl Counts:

Where there are more than 30 records in a lot, we do not provide an exact count.  We may state 'around 40' for example - this could mean that there are slightly more or slightly less and whilst we endeavour to round counts down, rather than up, a tolerance of 5% should be allowed for when deciding how much to bid.